The National Institute for the European Social Fund has been established to support the institutions of the system for the implementation of the European Social Fund (ESF) in Poland in the tasks they execute. During the programming period of 2007-2013 only one programme is financed through the ESF - the Human Capital Operational Programme (HC OP) (for more information about HC OP please refer to:
The activities of the National Institute ESF are focused mainly on the supply of knowledge about the European Social Fund in Poland, to employees of institutions that are implementing this fund. Beneficiaries are granted support through the Regional Institutes for the European Social Fund that are supported and developed by the National Institute ESF.

TASKS of the National Institute EFS

  • In the scope of the coordination of Regional Institutes ESF
    The National Institute ESF ensures a high quality of services provided by the Centres through the standardisation of services and certification of both the personnel and Institute itself. To ensure the Institutes the possibility to achieve the set standards, the National Institute conducts training for personnel in the scope of the development of knowledge and competences necessary to perform assigned tasks.
    Within the scope of the Local Development Academy that assembles representatives of the Regional Institutes ESF, HC OP Intermediary Institutions as well as other organisations and institutions, the National Institute ESF conducts discussions on the development of the network and forms of provided support. The solutions resulting from these discussions serve the purpose of adapting the services rendered by the Institutes to the current needs of the beneficiaries and are to facilitate the best use of the ESF by the beneficiaries for the development of local communities.
    The National Institute ESF promotes the network of Regional Institutes ESF and maintains a coherent image of the network.
  • In the scope of support of institutions participating in the HC OP implementation system and promotion of HC OP
    For the purpose of increasing the competences of the employees at the Intermediary and Implementation Institutions, the National Institute organises training and consulting both in the scope subject to ESF support as well as training enabling the development of skills necessary to perform assigned tasks.
    Furthermore, the National Institute conducts activities promoting the European Social Fund and the possibilities offered by this fund.


The Regional Institutes for the European Social Fund have been established for the purpose of supporting potential project authors in the preparation of good projects that answer the real and actual needs both at the level of local communities as well as in a broader context, at the level of regions, and that contribute to the introduction of permanent social change.
The Institutes offer support to project authors both at the preparatory stage of the venture as well as during its implementation after subsidy has been granted. The support is offered in both the technical and substantial implementation-related aspects of the projects. The aid granted by Regional Institutes ESF is free of charge.

TASKS of the Regional Institutes ESF

  • support of the establishment and implementation of projects subsidised from the ESF: from concept through application to settlement of the project through training and consulting for project authors
  • support of local development through the initiation and development of partnerships at the local and regional levels and through the initiation of actions identifying the local leaders who activate local institutions and organisations
  • aid in the diagnosis of social problems and the local/regional level and adaptation of actions in a way aiming at the effective prevention of such problems.